How Many Waterfront Properties are Available in Oakville?

I was talking with a Bluwater Salesperson a while back and he made an obvious but true point. There are not many waterfront properties in Oakville for sale and Bluwater  owns a  large percentage of waterfront properties available. The Shores ( ) has maybe 7 left when I checked about a month ago. Ennisclare Condos on Marine Drive has about 10 resales ( . 111 Forsythe condos (  has around 10 units available. Condos at Bronte and Lakeshore may have 10 resales on the go on average. Edgemere ( will have 30 units and at least 5 are sold. There are several estates for sale on the Lake but we are talking multi million dollar properties. There are waterfront townhomes in Bronte and Downtown Oakville but very few for sale. Bluwater has the vast majority of Oakville waterfront properties for sale. If you want Oakville and Waterfront talk to your Realtor about what is available and get advice and information of the various options. Once Bluwater sells out the available Oakville waterfront properties for sale will be drastically reduced.

Cheers…Doug Izon P. Eng. Real Estate Broker, Century21 Dreams 905-599-1265; Mortgage Broker, Centum Total Mortgage Services Inc. Lic # 10646

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